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Cody Johnson confirms deluxe album, new single ‘The Painter’

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Cody Johnson recently revealed that a new single titled “The Painter” is coming mid-August, followed by Part 1 of a two-part album dubbed “Leather” dropping this fall.

Said Johnson: “ … so August 14th, we have a new single going to radio. It’s called ‘The Painter.’ This fall, I’m not sure if it will be November or December, the first part of my deluxe album will come out, and I’ve been secretly behind everybody’s back recording a 24-track deluxe album…The album is called Leather.”

Johnson shared that Leather will feature a mix of classic country and gospel sounds: “But when I recorded it, that’s a gospel song. Those three songs are recorded just for my live show, whether they ever go anywhere that’s because I wanted to. That’s because it’s so country I wanted to. Nobody else would cut it. These songs right here we’d probably put on the radio, because that’s what we’re here to do is make country music. And I think that’s what’s gonna separate us from a lot of people.”

Johnson also revealed that multiple projects are on the way, including a concept album called ‘The Cowboy Sessions,’ as well as expanding his music into the bluegrass and gospel genres: “I think a bluegrass album, I think a gospel album. I think it would be really fun one time to just record a full blown like rock album. Like I would never go tour it. Like if I did, I might play like three shows like you go like New York, LA, Chicago or somewhere crazy like Austin.”

Johnson’s most recent studio album, the 18 track, two-disc set ‘Human: The Double Album’ was released in fall 2021, and featured the multi-week No. 1 hit “’Til You Can’t.

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