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Dan + Shay announce new LP, share video for the single “Save Me The Trouble”

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After two years, Dan + Shay are back with new music, releasing their new single, “Save Me The Trouble,” along with the video for the track. Smyers said via a statement: “I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a song that I am this one. We wanted to have something that was a real moment, and when we started writing this, it felt like it could be something big. I wanted every section to build, and even in the second chorus, when you’re like, ‘Okay, there’s no way it could possibly get any crazier,’ then Shay takes off even further.”  You can take a look at the video for “Save Me The Trouble,” – here.

The duo recently reflected on nearly breaking up, and that despite their success, they were both burnt out after their career demanded so much from both of them. Smyers said in a video dubbed “The Drive” shared to social media: “I was in, like, the lowest low of my entire life. Came off the road and I was like, ‘Man, I f–king hate music. I’m ready to quit.’”  Mooney went on to tell Smyers: “I could feel the separation, and I think there was little things between you and I that we never talked about. It was affecting everything. Not just our band.” After not speaking for four months, the duo shared that they worked things out and are now stronger than ever. Said Smyers: “I can feel the closeness of our relationship and our friendship when I listen back to the music. We are by far, a million times, the closest we’ve ever been. For so many reasons. But because we worked at it. That makes what we’re doing now infinitely sustainable. I could do this the rest of my life with you.

Dan and Shay later shared news of their upcoming, new LP: “Our new album, Bigger Houses, will be available everywhere September 15, and pre-order begins tonight at 11 PM CT.”  The duo also shared two other songs from the upcoming album, “Heartbreak On The Map,” and their title track, “Bigger House,” as well as the music videos for both.  To pre-order “Bigger Houses,” head here.

Dan + Shay return with new single, ‘Bigger Houses’ album

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