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Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown’s ‘Thank God’ hits #1 on country radio

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Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown’s “Thank God” has hit #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, marking Kane’s 9th career chart-topper and Katelyn’s first.

“Thank God,” released in September as part of Brown’s album, Different Man., was written by Josh Hoge, Jaxson Free, Kyle Fishman, Christian Davis, and Jared Mullins. Kane previously shared how the song ultimately became a duet with his wife: “So me and Kate have been trying to release a song for like five years now. And we kept getting songs coming in, we thought that you know, each of them was the song for us but it never felt right. So my buddy Josh, that’s signed to my publishing deal, he sent me a song called Thank God and I listened to it and I fell in love with it. And then kept listened to it and kept listening to it. I was like, this could be a duet. So I asked Kate and Kate fell in love with the song and now it’s one of my favorite songs.”

The success of “Thank God” follows Brown’s latest No.1 hits, “Like I Love Country Music” and “One Mississippi.”

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